The Quest Experience

The Conscious Leaders Quest

What's Included

Your experience will be beautifully curated to create a container where you can optimally immerse yourself in this transformative experience.  While we will retain some surprises for you, here are some elements that are included in the experience.

  • 6-nights luxury accommodations with single occupancy
  • Concierge service to help with navigating your transportation after you land in Costa Rica to Nosara, and any needs that may arise during your Quest.
  • All meals included will be catered by Nosara’s own Naked Foods, Luv Burger, and other local proprietors of sustainable, locally sourced plant-based foods.
  • All transportation, including airport group transfers and during your stay in Nosara.  Keep in mind that in a Blue Zone, people walk as a way of life and we will be using our feet to get us around as part of the experience. Any part of our quest longer than a few blocks will have a motorized option.
  • Spaciousness – we believe that to create space around yourself as a leader you need some space to connect with yourself as a leader.  This experience is designed to give you the right amount of space so you go home rested and full of creative energy.
  • Mindfulness and ancient wisdom is a large part of how we navigate from reactivity to creativity.  Your quest will include different forms of mindfulness experiences each day allowing you to find the right formula that works for you.
  • Movement is an essential part of a Quest experience.  Each day will start with movement and meditation with options that allow you to be in control of your own practice.
  • No visit to Nosara would be complete without some surfing experience.  The focus will be on energy flow and creating a deep understanding of riding with energy instead of trying to resist it.  We will have surfing options from watching to hanging ten as part of your quest.
  • Integration and bubble wrapping your Quest is a specific focus for your experience. How many times have you attended a retreat or event and had so many intentions that were not realized because you jumped right back into life as it was before?  You will experience 2 adventurous travel days to and from Nosara then get space on day 1 to release anything from home and be ready to start your Quest (we call this bubble wrapping the experience).  On day 5, you will have completed your Quest and experienced the closing ceremony.  Now comes your integration coaching so you can be prepared and intentional for how you return home.
  • Mindful Travel.  The Conscious Leaders Quest is filled with Connection, Ritual, Adventure, & Wisdom.  This is why our retreats are designed to be a bit hard to reach and may include long travel days.  It’s hard to disconnect in this world and we will do our best to help make that happen.  The beautiful parts of life and wisdom come from the journey and not the destination.  Be mindful that your journey to Nosara may take a few plane rides, and a slow, dusty van ride where you might encounter livestock on the roads and a few pot holes that may serve as a local swimming hole.
  • Transformation is optional but highly likely after your Quest
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woman smiling in jungle